Unlock your potential as a Wegamed Certified Practitioner and master the foundational principles and practices of holistic medicine. Our comprehensive program offers a unique combination of cutting-edge eLearning Courses and membership in our exclusive Mentoring Circle for a duration of 1 year, encompassing 6 enriching live, interactive sessions with Wegamed’s global leaders in biological medicine. 

What You’ll Get

🠚 Access to all eLearning courses: (€449 value)

  • Foundations of Holistic Diagnostics with Check Medical Sport
  • Bio-Individualized Detoxification and Rejuvenation with Med Matrix
  • Digital Homeopathy and Bioresonance Therapy Using Med Select
  • Advanced Diagnostics Using Test Expert Plus
  • Getting Started with Audio Color and Neurofeedback
  • Quick Detox Using Detox Footbath

🠚 1-Year Membership in the Mentoring Circle (6 sessions/year) (€449 value)

🠚 Listing on Wegamed Website (Certified Practitioner Listing) (€149 value)

🠚 Wegamed Certified Practitioner Certificate (€249 value)

What You’ll Learn

🠚 Foundational principles and practices of holistic medicine

🠚 Comprehensive training on Wegamed devices and the use of protocols

🠚 How to build a holistic wellness practice from ground up

🠚 Practical application of Wegamed devices and protocols using case study analysis

🠚 Valuable insights from Wegamed’s global leaders in biological medicine

Choose Your Investment

Certification Requirements 

🠚 Completion of all eLearning courses

🠚 Active engagement in the Mentoring Circle for 1 year (at least 3 sessions)

🠚 Certification exam (Online / MCQ)