Assess your whole body and your organ system regulation status in less than 8 minutes!

  • Full body diagnosis - scan all major organ systems, connecting tissue and even emotional/mental states.
  • Traces disturbance fields and exogenous pollution.
  • Identifies the root causes of illnesses not just symptoms.
  • Conducts fitness and muscle analysis for athletes.
  • Evaluates functional disorders, oxidative stress, energy reserves and systemic degeneration.
  • Recommends therapeutic interventions to treat conditions identified.
  • Detects allergies, dysfunctions, and hidden inflammation across systems.
  • Offers deep insights through seamless integrated diagnosis using Test Expert Plus.
  • Provides information on regulatory and energy behavior, tissue response and chronic disorders.

How Check Medical Sport will help your patients

Get a quick and accurate analysis on the following:

  • Psychoneuro - immunology
  • Vegetative nervous system
  • Acute ailments
  • Chronic ailments
  • Allergy predisposition
  • Organ disorders
  • Inflammation foci
  • Detoxification situation
  • Stress situation
  • Microbial plane
  • Environmental toxins
  • Localized disorders
  • Vitality factors and energy
  • Reserves

Every major organ system of the body is checked! Predict health conditions before they manifest and make preventative health care possible!

Most suitable for

Over 90% of patients report relief from symptoms after the first session!

The device gives the doctor and therapist details on the patient’s general state of health. It shows in graphical detail where the functional disorder appears in the patient’s body.

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How Check Medical Sport will elevate your business

Built on more than 25 years of research on segment electrography to perform accurate guidance diagnostics, Check Medical Sport assesses the patient in the truest sense of the word from head to toe!

  • Identifies root causes of patient distress that cannot always be detected by traditional investigation methods such as ECG, x-ray, ultrasound etc.
  • A fully automatic, non-invasive measurement can be carried out within minutes.
  • Provides a detailed advisory analysis after just one 8 minute measurement. Ease of use for the patient and the therapist.
  • Provides evidence based analysis of ideal schedule and training heart rate for active metabolism and improved fitness outcomes. Used by top athletes, professional footballers, golfers and world champion tennis players.