How Detox Footbath will help your patients

The Detox Footbath enhances natural detoxification, improves overall wellness, stimulates and balances bio-energetic fields, facilitates better organ function, and enables auto-detoxification from harmful toxins. It transforms the body's acidic nature into a healthy alkaline state, leading to a more balanced pH and a host of benefits.

  • Increased energy
  •  Improved sleep
  • Clearer thinking 
  • Better organ function
  • Boosted immune system
  • Auto-detoxification
  • Fewer aches and pains

How Detox Footbath will elevate your business

Developed in 2001 and refined continuously, nearly everyone can benefit from following a Mary Staggs Detox Footbath program, making it essential to add this wellness solution to your offerings.

A profitable investment for businesses, the Detox Footbath enables a 30-minute relaxing therapy. Compact and neat, the product does not occupy a lot of space and is also easy to maintain, with removable thumbscrews to help facilitate cleaning.

You can use this in your practice to provide a service/session and sell it to your clients for at-home use!

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Over 90% of patients report relief from symptoms after the first session!

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