Self-regulation within our bodies usually suffers due to factors like chronic illnesses and acute infections. Med Select uses digital homeopathy and bioresonance to activate the self-healing ability through stimulating and balancing the body's own regulation system.

The causes of illness are electronically recorded from the patient’s body and therapeutic information is delivered back to the body to neutralize or erase harmful influences completely.

This steers the regulation and healing capacity of the body back into balance in the most bio-individualized, effective and natural way!

  • Activates self-healing through bioresonance
  • Follows homeopathy philosophy-the more bio-individualized the treatment, the faster is the healing process
  • Impacts both physiological and pathological basis of health conditions 
  • Integrated with VDS technology (digitized vibration information)
  • Equipped with semi and fully automatic therapy programs 
  • Open system means you can add unlimited number of new natural remedies for bioresonance
  • Opens new perspectives in the holistic medicine
  • Based on the insights from, System Information Therapy(SIT)
  • Backed by insights from physiology, biochemistry and metabolic research
  • Confirmed experimentally at the Institute for Biophysics under Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig
  • Up to 3000 saved ampoules and many preset programs, used for 15+ years

How Med Select can help your patients

The system information therapy uses the patient’s internal vibration information, i.e. biological frequency signals and homeopathic therapy information, as carrier signals. These biosignals are registered, stored and used by Med Select for SIT.

The low-frequency resonance vibrations correspond to the fundamental frequencies of organ and cells. This way, it stimulates the immune system, activates self-healing processes, and synergistically supports the therapeutic effects.

  • Uses bioresonance therapy to regulate the body's functions, combat various conditions, improve nutrient and oxygen absorption, and prevent virus and bacterial attacks.
  • Automatically matches therapeutic strategies to patient-specific factors and allows for customizable therapy parameters.
  • Treats both endogenous and exogenous conditions using technical vibration information.
  • Includes SI cards that function on magnetic field vibrations to improve metabolic cell activity and accelerate healing while reducing pain.
  • Suitable for use on children and free of side effects.

Most suitable for

Over 90% of patients report relief from symptoms after the first session!

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