How Med Matrix can help your patients

Matrix detoxification and regeneration treatment with Med Matrix have been designed to relieve the soft tissue from metabolic stressors, toxins, and pathogens. A session with Med Matrix also unblocks and reinforces inner healing systems and processes within the body, strengthening the functioning of immune systems and bringing greater regulation to all major systems of the human body.

A weakened matrix leads to organ cells becoming diseased, and chronically sick matrix tissue has an excessive negative charge. This treatment re-polarizes the matrix, normalizing anabolic/ catabolic metabolism and enabling targeted elimination of toxins.

Another plus is that this treatment is the ideal preparation for all subsequent therapies because, after this thorough detox and rejuvenation therapy, the innate healing capacity of the body is unblocked.

The primary therapeutic modalities offered in the Med Matrix are:

  • Rhythmic direct current treatment
  • Electro-acupuncture
  • Petechial suction massage
  • Petechial suction massage
  • System Information Therapy
  • Bioresonance

Features of the Med Matrix

  • The only medically certified device in the market for Matrix Detoxification
  • 5 therapies through 1 device Suction cupping, Petechial massage, Electro-acupuncture, Systems Information Therapy, and Bioresonance
  • Over 100+ customizable therapy programs
  • Special: Face Electrode for skin rejuvenation and detox 
  • 10+ years average product life span
  • 20+ years of market success and impeccable safety record
  • Non-invasive device, safe to use for all ages
  • Easy to learn / use in any setting
  • Environment-friendly and minimal contraindications

Most suitable for

Over 90% of patients report relief from symptoms after the first session!

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