How Test Expert Plus will help your patients

Fast, accurate, non-invasive and comprehensive health assessment
Test Expert Plus has been used in leading holistic clinic world wide for over 30 years with 4000+ highly satisfied practioners using it everyday
  • Based on 30+ years of clinical research, enables quick and non-invasive discovery of pathogenic stress, organ toxicity and system dysregulation
  • The diagnostic process also triggers a healing response in many cases
  • Tests for 5000+ pathogens without any puncture, eliminates need for expensive and invasive lab tests. Open-ended to add additional pathogenic signatures
  • Only device that identifies pain points linked to dental problems for detailed biological medicine analysis and energy screening
  • Bio-individualized diagnosis in dialogue with the patient’s body and unique biological signature
  • Unique diagnostic modality combining ancient Chinese medicine with advanced modern medtech
  • One test session for everything from allergies to organ dysregulation to inflammation. Works in integration with Check Medical Sport for whole-body assessment
  • Ability to quickly confirm elimination of pathogenic stressors, inflammation, and dysregulation post-treatment via a full feedback loop

The 8 unique features of Test Expert Plus modality

☑ Metabolism regulation therapy

☑ Meridian status measurement

☑ SI card

☑ Biological index

☑ Scope of application

☑ Pulse current therapy

☑ Energy screening

☑ Tooth measurement probe

Most Suitable for

Over 90% of patients report relief from symptoms after the first session!

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