A first of its kind device that combines the power of audio-color therapy with real-time neurofeedback, the Med Audiocolor delivers excellent results for supplemental therapy. Clinically approved, this non-invasive, painless solution aims to support overall health and well-being by stimulating and accelerating the healing and regeneration of major physiological systems, especially the immune system.

  • Improves sleep and biorhythmic activity
  • Relieves fatigue, enhances concentration, improves resilience
  • Supports recovery from autoimmune conditions
  • Reduces inflammation and pain, stimulates detoxification
  • Stimulates healing and regeneration of major organ systems
  • Alleviates symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Highly effective for alleviating psychosomatic basis of chronic health conditions
  • Integrates principles of energy medicine and mind-body therapies
  • It is suitable for use with all age groups including children & teenagers
  • Promotes overall well-being & creativity
  • Easy to use and portable device

How Med Audiocolor will help your patients

This biofeedback device interprets patient's thoughts in real-time and projects them back as colors and sounds, providing self-generated supplemental therapy. It regulates brain function, balances the autonomic nervous system, regulates the circulatory system, hormonal imbalances, and eases psychological stress. Med Audiocolor is the only real-time neurofeedback and audio color therapy available in the market, where the patient is the actor generating the therapeutic activity in the brain. Clinically researched and validated.

A Scientifically Researched and Validated Modality

  • Patient undergoes four levels of training: concentration, relaxation, imagination, and meditation, ultimately achieving a state of high tranquility.
  • Train your brain to transform challenging situations and memories with ease, reduce stress, and improve concentration. Experience the results through 3D animations with changing colors and acoustic perceptions.
  • Get real-time neurofeedback therapy with simultaneous EEG analysis and audio-video transmission signals.

Most Suitable for

Over 90% of patients report relief from symptoms after the first session!

How Med Audiocolor elevate your business

  • Relax at work with our wireless headset application, compatible with various devices and machines, making it completely mobile.
  • Customizable device timing and application duration (1-120 min) with no preset timing. Can be terminated at any moment. Therapy modulations allow for targeted brain area control.
  • The software is designed with a user-friendly interface and has a step-by-step walkthrough to help technicians operate the device.
  • Customized training programs can be created based on recorded data, including beta, alpha, theta, delta, and gamma waves. Individual frequencies can be analyzed and saved for future therapy applications.

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